Packages & Memberships

Save on every session by purchasing a package or membership.


Luminary packages must be used within 365 days (unless specified) from date of purchase. 
One-time purchase. No auto-billing, no commitments


New to floating intro pack- 3- 60 min floats for the price of 2! (expires 60 days from purchase)


           4- 60 min Floats


Infrared Sauna

Four 40-min FSIR sauna sessions



    Four Infrared sauna sessions with Red Light therapy 



Three 10-min Get Salted sessions


     Three 20 min Salt on Salt                          sessions


Inner Radiance

One of each: 10-min Get Salted, 20-min FSIR Sauna & 60-min float.



One of each: 10-min Get Salted, 20-min FSIR Sauna, 60-min float and 30 min of concentrated and purified Oxygen!


Float Light

20-minute FSIR sauna session and a 60-minute float.


Let It Glow

10 min Halotherapy session followed by a 40 min FSIR sauna session.


I Want It All!

Try all we have to offer x3! 3- 60 min floats, 3- Get Salted Halotherapy, 1-40 min FSIR sauna and 2- 40 min FSIR with Red light therapy. 



Save even more with one of these great Memberships.
Membership are auto-billed/renewed each month. 

VIP- (Very Important Phloater)

Includes 1- 60-min float, additional floats $50, Add 20 min FSIR for $20, 10% savings on in-house retail and free birthday float!

*3 month commitment



Unlimited 10 minute Get Salted sessions plus upgrade to a Salt on Salt 20 min session for $10 and a free birthday FSIR sauna session 

*2 month commitment


Infrared Sauna "Spring into Wellness"

Unlimited 40-min FSIR sauna sessions plus 10% off In-house retail, Free birthday halotherapy session, bring a friend 1x/mo for free (no repeats) and add Red Light for $10 (when ready)


Additional Membership Perks

*Must notify The Luminary at least 7 days in advance of the desired change to allow time for the auto-billing to be adjusted.  

Gift card

Gift Cards

Light up someone's day and surprise them with a gift card.