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Ganoderma Coffee, Tea & Lattes

Reishi mushroom tea or coffee with natural anti-inflammatory properties! It does wonders for gut health, sleep, and skin.

Change your coffee, change your life!

Are you looking for an easy and effective way to support your cells for better energy, digestion, and sleep? Do you want to continue your coffee drinking habits without the adverse effects of regular coffee? Health starts at the cellular level. What are you feeding your cells? Try a healthier cup of gourmet coffee! Are you willing to try? Click the link below to view my Organo Gold website where you can discover all the rad properties of the Ganoderma Reshi mushroom! Karijo@myorganogold.com

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Bath & Body

Dandelion Farms

Handcrafted Bath & Body Products

An array of products made from scratch in small personal batches right in Berlin, Wisconsin. Many ingredients used are local or come from their 20-acre farmstead especially the nourishing goats milk used in multiple products. Come on in and enjoy the free smells from our lip balms, lotions, bath bombs, soap, menthol shower steamers and maybe even bring some home with youMy favorite is Cherry Almond 😊

Dandelion Farms

Karma Rub

100% natural Liquid Magnesium- taken from the ground as nature intended. Relaxes muscles, nerves and tendons. Average of 89mg per ml of Magnesium. Place a couple of drops on your hands and rub into any aches and pains. Be aware that Magnesium can be drying to the skin, resulting in a slight itching sensation that is readily relieved by applying lotion of combining both prior to application.


Himalayan Secrets

Sourced from the Pakistan mountains best known for quality Himalayan Salt. Enjoy a variety of lighted Himalayan salt products. Great for setting a nice ambiance that is calming and relaxing. We have aromatherapy lamps, tealight holders, massage bowls with 6 balls & foot scrubbers. We also offer the highly popular Himalayan Salt Foot Detox Domes when the dome is lit, it is claimed the rich minerals within the Himalayan salt aid in healing and detoxifying the feet and hands and eases aches and pains. It serves well for people who experience foot/hand pain or who have arthritis and may help support blood circulation and reduce swelling for some.

Himalayan Salt Products

Get Salted

The naturally occurring structure of the Himalayan salt provides natural exfoliation, and its crystalline minerals and elements help restore the skin’s natural PH balance. Enjoy a range of all-natural pure Himalayan salt products including body bars, salt soap, bath salts, and two popular items are a box of 6 bath bombs and Sole Jars. Here’s some insider info on a couple!

Bath Bombs: 100% pure essential oils for fragrance, Non-GMO cornstarch for a silky feel, sunflower oil, organic shea butter & cocoa butter to keep your skin soft & moisturized. They are not colored so they will not stain your tub or skin. With 6 unique aromatherapy blends – SOOTHE, BREATHE, RELAX, UNWIND, REVIVE & DETOX. Which will you choose? Treat yourself and your senses tonight.

Sole Jar: What is sole? Sole (pronounced So-lay) is water fully saturated with natural Himalayan salt crystals. The 250 million-year-old stored energy in the crystal stones is unleashed when dissolved in pure spring water. Sole replenishes your body with 84 trace minerals & elements essential for optimal health. Our body is made of salt and water. Sole is a natural & very inexpensive homeopathic way to re-mineralize, balance the pH factor of your body and help detox. It also helps regulate our body’s natural energy levels.

Get Salted


Jacob’s Ladder

A Wisconsin based company that uses a propriety botanical extraction process that preserves all the good flavonoids and cannabinoids. CBD comes from an FDA certified lab in Colorado, products made in WI. We offer an array of tinctures, gummies and personal care products. Stop in to sample some or check out the class page for the next Free CBD Spa Day!

Jacob's Ladder


A leader in the industry with many options so everyone can find what is right for them.

Top of the line pharmaceutical-grade CBD products while also utilizing the ancient East Asian Bi-Bong formula that was originally reserved for only royalty now brought right to you. Looking for help with energy, sleep or skin, Kannaway has got it covered!



Zap that pain away Pretty Darn Quick with PDQ CBD spray and massage oil. 

Essential Oils

DoTerra Essential Oils

High quality, responsibly sourced essential oils are available and used in many of the Luminary’s brand products! Educational and interactive classes are offered regularly. Check out our class page for all the oily details.

The Luminary

When Kari Jo was introduced to essential oils over 5 years ago, she was impressed with all the possible applications and now makes all her cleaning products, multiple different rollers, and sprays utilizing the properties of different essential oils! She is so excited to get to share some of her favesCurrently in the works are insulated water mugs (great for the infrared sauna) and Luminary branded clothes!