What we are doing to help keep you safe while at The Luminary

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the absolute need to take appropriate measures to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors, and strangers, The Luminary Wellness Center will be changing how we operate to ensure we are taking all available protective measures to keep our clients safe and still allow us to remain in business.

The Luminary Wellness Center is one of many small businesses across America making contributions directly to this community.  The services at The Luminary are great way to help maintain your health and wellness especially during this time.

You can safely relax your way into an immune boost from the full spectrum infrared sauna or get your respiratory health on point with a quick Halotherapy session. Per the Salt Therapy Association, “A series of Dry Salt Therapy treatments…increases resistance to new infections for months in the future.”

Need a pause from the chaos of everyday life while also replenishing your stores? Give all of your senses a vacation and simply float to heart’s content in dense saltwater, known for creating a hostile environment for pathogen growth. That alone is pretty awesome but in addition we also use a micron filter, 35% food grade H2O2, UV and Ozone to disinfect and sanitize the saltwater solution in the float pod as well as all of the inside surfaces. Not to mention you take two showers!

To ensure The Luminary is a safe space for everyone, we will be instituting the following precautions along with common sense measures such as frequent hand washing and cleaning of high touch surfaces (which we were already doing).

  • We will be OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, and will no longer be accepting walk in visits. This will help us manage how many people are in the space at the same time as well as providing extra time for additional cleaning and sanitization between appointments You can make your appointment online thru this website or by calling 1-833-FLOAT-EC (356-2832)
  • We are temporarily no longer offering the Oxygen Spa service or the bring a friend(s) options.
  • Monthly water testing done by an independent lab
  • Daily water monitoring
  • There is hand sanitizer just inside in the immediate lobby area to be used before proceeding further
  • The main door will be locked, please call the posted number when you’re ready and we’ll happily open the door for you
  • You do need to remove or cover your shoes and wear a mask prior to entering. Masks are only required in the communal areas but NOT once inside your private service room.
  •  We now use a NASA space certified air purifier and surface sanitizer that are used on the international space stations! Big enough to clean ALL the air in The Luminary. Additionally, there are small purifiers in every service room that cycle the air pass an enclosed UV-C light 4x/hr for the room size.
  • We allow one air purification cycle of 15 minutes before entering a used service room for cleaning
  •  We use a COVID-19 waiver to be filled out the day of or before asking basic screening questions regarding symptoms and exposure risk. If there is any chance you are displaying any ill symptoms whatsoever your appointment will be rescheduled for a later date.
  • We encourage contact less payment by paying when booking or by choosing to store a card on your secure account through Floathelm and Authorize.net.  Theluminary.floathelm.com
  •  We will no longer be enforcing our cancellation policy when due to illness. Clients are able to cancel the day or if you feel you may be ill in any way or may have had an exposure risk. Please call if you need to cancel.
  • You may notice slightly less flexibility with appointments as we have increased the time between appointments to allow for extra cleaning.
  • We are also staggering our appointments so there is only 1 person/group in the communal space at one time. We may need to call to see if your appointment can be moved up or back by 10-15 min to ensure this is always the case.
  • A video Introduction to each service is provided to view prior to your appointment. If you have any questions you can ask immediately via email or phone or in person the day of your appointment. The videos help to minimize the potential time spent in closer proximity.
  • We use the appropriate surface specific (porous vs nonporous) cleaner for the specified contact times to ensure all pathogens are killed including Coronavirus.

With all the stress and worry people are experiencing right now, this is the perfect time for you to use these services and help maintain your wellness AND your mental health by allowing yourself the time to relax, de-stress and ground yourself so you’re ready to face whatever the days may bring! Thank you to all of those that have supported this small business. We would love to be able to continue to provide these much-needed services to the Eau Claire community so we hope to see you and help light your wellness path!


With Health and Light,


The Luminary Team – working to shine bright!