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Luminary Wellness in Downtown Eau Claire

The Luminary Wellness Center is available to anyone looking for alternative or complementary ways to improve their overall well-being. Our services create opportunities for anyone to attend to their mind, body and/or spirit on their wellness journey. 

More than one-third of Americans are now using traditional and alternative medicine. Many people are seeking alternative treatments because the traditional healthcare system has fallen short or they are looking to complement their current care to better achieve whole body wellness.

In certain age groups, as many as half suffer from a chronic illness. Living with discomfort and pain is not how anyone wants to go through life.

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Experience a wonderful meditative-like state by floating in highly saturated Epsom salt water. Studies have found that floating can aid with many issues ranging from pain management and performance optimization to depression and anxiety.  

Relax in a booth and breathe in the fresh, salty air. Halotherapy has a long history of helping skin and respiratory ailments dating back to the 1840’s and current research continues to support these benefits. 

Uses low humidity and low-temperature near, mid and far infrared wavelengths to heat your body. Many users report relief from joint and muscle pain, allergies, detox and circulation.

Many are now enjoying great smelling, clean oxygen! Some people report they experience a heightened sense of alertness and concentration, headache relief, better sleep and more.

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